Probate, Estates & Trusts

McLain & Merritt assists clients who have lost a loved one with administering the estate, which may include probating a will, securing letters of administration when there is no will, and generally advising the family about necessary procedures and how to probate the estate with minimal cost and trouble.

When a court proceeding is advisable, we prepare the petition, secure consents from other family members, and provide the executor with the necessary documentation. Our probate specialists also assist with any questions that come up during the administration, such as preparing deeds to transfer title to real estate and how to apply for life insurance proceeds.

We also prepare wills, trusts and other estate planning documents, taking into consideration the client’s wishes and important tax and probate concerns. Our estate planning process is quite simple and can largely be accomplished through the remote exchange of completed forms and other plan documents before a single meeting to execute the plan. Clients who request a planning conference, usually due to special issues, are happily accommodated. After execution, wills are kept in digital format, so that future changes can be made with minimal effort and cost.

In addition to probate and estate planning, we work with clients to prepare trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations, guiding them on which is most appropriate and beneficial to their circumstances.

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